Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautions

To the patients and clients of Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC:

In light of ever-expanding concern for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to take a few moments to let everyone know how we at VCG are working to manage concerns and continue to provide a safe environment to obtain mental health care. Here are a few critical points:

  1. We are open. While there are many examples of organizations and businesses at this time that have made the choice to temporary limit or close, due to a variety of factors, we believe that we are able to continue to provide care in an environment that mitigates a great deal of risk. Our sessions are one-on-one (or family-based) and as a result, already present a very small risk.
  2. In regards to surface transmission, multiple times per day we are disinfecting surfaces in common waiting areas and patient spaces. In an over-abundance of caution, we will be removing books, magazines, and toys from the waiting areas. This is a small, but effective way to minimize risk. Please remember this as you arrive for your appointment (or the appointment of your child) and plan accordingly.
  3. In regards to person-to-person issues, we have always had sanitizers available, and will continue to do so. Please recognize that we may minimize direct physical contact. Elbow-bumps are the flavor of the day.

In preparation for your next appointment, here are some accommodations we would ask you to consider:

  1. If you are experiencing any symptoms (fever, cough, trouble breathing, or other respiratory issues), please do not come to your appointment. Contact the office and we will work on a plan to ensure that your needs are met.
  2. If you are experiencing increased anxiety about being in public places, we would encourage you to still come to your appointment. To help, you can feel free to stay in your vehicle until your provider is prepared to take you back. Just call the office when you arrive and we will contact you when it is time to come back.
  3. If there are any other considerations that you feel you might need, please contact the office. We want to ensure that everyone’s needs are met in a safe and healthy way.

We hope that with these small adaptations we can ensure the safest environment to continue your mental health journey.

Thomas Vertrees, MA, LPC-MHSP, MSN, APN, PMHNP-BC
Owner, Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC

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