Welcome to our Practice

At the Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC, you may interact with a variety of providers, based on the needs discussed at your initial appointment. Some of these include:

Therapists: These are experienced individuals who hold (at least) a Master’s Degree in their area of specialty, and a license to practice independently as a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, or Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Each holds proper license, liability insurance, continuing education, and is in good standing with their associated licensing boards. These providers engage in individual, child, family, couple, and group therapies.

Nurse Practitioners / Psychiatrists: These are highly trained individuals whose primary focus is the evaluation and maintenance of client’s needs for psychiatric medication. These individuals hold Master’s Degrees (or higher) in their related fields and maintain appropriate license, liability insurance, continuing education, as well as remain in good standing with their associated licensing boards. These providers engage in initial evaluations and ongoing follow-up management appointments. They are also capable of and engage in individual, child, family, couple, and group therapies.

Our Values:

Person-Centered – All of the providers and staff at the Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC are focused on identifying the aspects that make each patient or client unique. Their strengths, needs, experiences, and expertise all play a vital and essential role in selecting and executing a meaningful plan for change.

Strengths-Based – One of the fundamental beliefs of providers that associate with Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC, is that everyone has strengths that they can build upon. We believe that people are more strongly motivated and hopeful when we are able to focus on what assets they have, rather than the deficiencies they feel impede them. With these strengths, we then work to transform the smallest of moves into the largest of changes.

Resiliency-Focused – Our patients and clients are experts of their own lives. Resiliency, in basic terms, is an individual’s ability to “bounce back”. While a particular issue or situation may bring you through our doors, it is our belief that the best treatment is the treatment that assists you in preparing for the “next thing”, building a skill set and plan that is adaptable to future situations and is focused on teaching our clients concepts and practices that can be used outside of the office on a daily basis to promote change.

Evidence-Grounded – The providers at Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC, are interested in what works. While each plan of care is individualized, they are framed around our dedication to two ideals: First, a focus on the individual and unique person, and second, a grounding in rigorous commitment to providing care that is the best researched to be effective. Just as they are dedicated to assisting our clients in meeting their own goals, our providers are dedicated to the process of improving themselves and their own skills.

Excellence in Service – All members of the Vertrees Clinical Group, PLLC are committed to providing a bar-setting level of customer satisfaction, attention to client needs, and in an environment that is clean, safe, and professional.

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